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Blank, Horny, and Humiliated

This is a brainwashing video that will make you Blank, Horny, and Humiliated. You will be triggered into masturbating as you stare at my hypnotic lips. I put in LOTS of visual and audio subliminals, so they will go right past your conscious mind and comfortably settle into your innermost workings. Basically, this video is a visual and audio mind control and brainwashing masterpiece that will addict and enslave you to its control.

Includes: lipstick fetish, breast fetish, mind control, brainwashing, humiliation, hypno-robo, enslavement, forced masturbation, forced exhibitionism, compulsive masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm denial, being dumbed down, being laughed at

17 minutes for $24.99

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